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Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Black Music Movement - Goodbye 2o11(Remixe)

(®©) - Just Like Music (ShortTape)
Craig David - Once In a Lifetime (D&J Remix)
Dwele - I Think I Love You (Blend Remix)
Ginuwine - Im feel'n You (D&J Groove Remix)
Joe & Mario - Last Sip (Heart'Beat Blend)
Luniz & M. Marshall - I Got 5 On It (D&J Remix)
Mos Def & Craig David - 7 Dayz (D&J Remix)
Novel - Get Over (Heartend Remix)
VA ''vs'' - Mother F.u.c.k.n Haterz (D&J Remix)
Venus Tribe - ''Slow Down'' (New Jack Swing Remix)

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Black Music Movement - Heartbeats (Remixe)

2nd II None - Back Up Off The Wall
Asia'h E  - Nearest Exit (D&J Remix)
Bobby Valentino & S.Rowin - Stop (Blend Extendet Remix)
Javon - That Booty (Woaw Woaw Remix)
Jyshoun - ''Unthinkable'' (D&J Remix)
Mack 1o & Doggpound  - ''Cavi Hit'' (D&J Remix)
Makio - Wait 4 U (Funk & Groove Remix)
SemMusic - Sex Therapy (Heartbeat Remix)
Sh'Killa - 1-800 Got Yo M'n (D&J Remix)
Tank - Take It All (D&J Blend Remix)
TQ - Westside (Extd.Blend Remix)
Trey Songz - Inside (Eargasm D&J Remix)
Wax.T - Where My Hearts At (Bass Beat Blend)
Winfree & Sixx Digit - Gotham City (Still a G Remix)

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

(®©)™ - OG'Morn' For Christmas

Talkbox - G.Funk
(®©) - Yeahhhh (FBP Remix)
(®©) - Ma World (Intro)
Always & Forever (Bonus)
Bounce & Shake Ya Body (Damn & Jam G-funk)
California Dreamin (Still'G'Remix)
Deuces (Bonus)
Do It Live ( Funkysize G Blend Remix)
Feel Like That (Bonus)
Gangster Lovin
Get Down With Us
Instrumentalz ( Promo )
Natural High
Playas Gon' Play (8 Jam Street Mix)
Slow Down (Bonus)
Soo Gangzta
Sound of tha West Coast
Tha Beach
This Is Our Song 4 U (R.I.P Roger)
Touch Ya Body
Your Fantasy  (Bonus)

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

(®©)™ - Life & Die 4 Music Vol.I

Da Problem.S - Bounce & Shake Ya Body
(Damn & Jam  G-funk)
Desty Corleone - Lets Gz Se'multiplient
(Damn & Jam Blend)
Josh Lehman Daniel - Celebrate
Mack10 & Reservoir Dogs - S.O.O. W.O.O.
(Damn Jam Blend)
Maxwell - Maybe You (Dam'n'Jam G-Remix)
Phife Dawg - Pease Porridge
Public Enemy ft.Flavor Flav - What What
Queen Latifah - Wrath Of My Madness (Soulshock Remix)
Richi Rich - Real Pimp
Rottin Raskalz - Hey Alright
Sh'Killa - 1-800 Got Yo M'n
Snoop D,Prince Ital Joe & Nate D - No More Games
Suga Free - If U Stay Ready
The Lady of Rage ft.Snoop Doggy Dogg - Afro puffs
Tone Toven & Kurupt - Make it Happen
Triple C's & The Game - Gangsta (Hit Them Blend Remix)
Warren G ft.Reel Tight - Relax your mind
Wax Tailor - Where My Hearts At
Young Murder Squad ft.Sh'killa - Head up vs Slap dat Bitch - Gangzta (D&J G-Remix)
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