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Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

(®©)™ - Spezial D&J Remix's Edition

Gerald Levert ft.funkysize - Groove On (D&J Remix)
Gerald Levert ft.funkysize - Let The Juices Flow (D&J Remix)
Geralt Levert ft.funkysize - One Million Times (D&J Remix)
Johnny Gill ft.funkysize - Fairweather Friend (D&J Extended Remix)
Johnny Gill ft.funkysize - Wrap My Body (D&J Remix)
Keith Sweat & Ludacris ft.funkysize - Dancin with my Girl (D&J Remix)
Keith Sweat ft.funkysize - Don't Stop Your Love (Damn & Jam Remix)
Keith Sweat ft.funkysize - Famous (D&J Loop Remix)
Keith Sweat ft.funkysize - Getaway (D&J Pray Remix)
Keith Sweat ft.funkysize - I'll Give All My Love To You (Damn & Jam Remix)
Keith Sweat ft.funkysize - Ring Size (D&J Heardbeat Rmx)
LSG ft.funkysize - All I Know (D&J Remix)
LSG ft.funkysize - Just Friends (Damn & Jam Remix)
LSG ft.funkysize - Round & Round (Damn & Jam Remix)
LSG - Curious (Damn & Jam G-Remix)

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