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Samstag, 6. August 2011

(®©)™ Present's - R&B Imports (Slow Jam's)

Asia Cruise - Back From Alone
Brutha - Kleptomaiac
Chris Echols - So Sick Of Sorry
Chrishan - Changed
Dontae - Tear It Up
DuSouth - Wihtout Me
Hamilton Park - U Turn
JayShawn - Figure It Out
JC - Renovation
Jordin Sparks - Turn This Car Around
Lee Carr - 2 Late
Lil Eddie - Strobe Light
Mario ft. Eve - Kryptonite
Midwest City - Paid My Dues
NEXT - Turn Out The Lights
Oakcee - No More July (MJ Tribute)
One Chance - My Word
Poynt - Girls Cheat 2
Q. Amey - Ungrateful
RL (NEXT) - I Can Change Your Life

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