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Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - Black Selection (Ltd.Edition)

Amel Larrieux - For Real
Camron ft.Jr Writer - Shake
Jaguar Wright - Told Ya
Javier - Crazy (Remix)
Jon B - Lifting me Up
Keyshia ft.Eve - Never
Kieran - R U Awake
Kira - Sunshine
Memphis Bleek ft.Donnel Jones - I Wanna Love You
Monica ft.Kanye West - Knock Knock (Remix)
Morgan Smith ft.3LW - On The Weekend
New Edition - Sexy Lady
Nivea - Exgirlfriend
Sarah ft.Da Band - Tonight
Sat-R-Day - The Rules
Last Damn & Jams™ (®©)
Nuttin Nyce - U Aint Gotta Lie 2 Kick It (Damn Jam Blend)
Monica - Before You Walk Out My Life (Damn Jam Blend)
Ks Phenomenal (Damn Jam Blend)
Excel - Pump'N'Funk.(Damn Jam Remix)
Brandy,Chaka Khan,Gladys Knight & Tamia vs - Missing You ( Danm Jam Blend)

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 10

01-tony worrells box office-everything you do
02-leroy burgess-heartbreaker
03-bruni pagan-you turn me on
04-melba moore-keepin my lover satisfied
05-the deele-working (9to5)
06-bmp-loc it up
07-the_jones girls-2 win u back
08-sandy kerr-thug rock
09-endgames-ecstacy (centurion mix)
10-precious-taboo (frank and henks forbidden fruit remix)
11-cc & co-when
12-sound advice-keep on getting up (frankie rodriquez keeps on cutting up remix)
13-tony adderly-i aint mad at you
201-va-masterpiece flip back mix (by gertjan kuipers)
202-va-vinyl mastermix (by kees franken)

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 9

01. Krystol - Don't Change Your Ways
02. Bailey & Bridges - Come And Get It (U.S. Version)
03. Bobby Thurston - My Love's The Real Thing (Frankie Rodriguez' Real Re-Edit)
04. D-Train - Music (Frankie Rodriguez Music Express Mix)
05. Tracy Weber - Sure Shot (Larry Levan Mix)
06. Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead
07. First Love - Can I Be With You Tonight
08. Second Image - Starting Again
09. Shot ft.Kim Marsh - Main Thing
10. B-Biz-R - Sucker For Love (Extended U.S. Mix)
11. Carol Douglas - I Got Your Body
12. Willie Collins - Where You Gonna Be Tonight
13. The Ronnie Mcneir Experience - Come Be With Me

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

(®©)™ Present's - Last Damn Jam's (Remixe)

Antoine Stone - Pop Ya Body (Damn Jam Blend)
Chubb Rock - Treat Em Right (Damn Jam Blend)
C-Jay - Real Talk (Damn Jam Blend)
Excel - Pump'N'Funk.(Damn Jam Extended Remix)
Ginuwine - Pony (Damn Jam Remix)
Heavy D & The Boyz,Brandy & Quincy Jones - Rock With You (Damn Jam M.J.Cover)
Jason Derulo vs - Calling My Angel (Damn Jam Remix)
Ks & Carol J - Teach U To Fly (Dam Jam Blend)
Melody vs - Can You Feel It (Damn Jam Remix)
Rodney Jerkins vs - Shake It 4 Me (Damn Jam Remix)
Tha Future - Like a Porn'star (Damn Jam Blend)
Twilight 22 - Mysterious (Damn Jam Blend)
Unknown Various - Victoria Secret (Damn Jam Blend)
Xaviera - You Got It.(Damn Jam Blend)
Mack10 & Reservoir Dogs - S.O.O. W.O.O. (Damn Jam Remix)

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 8

01. Weeks & Co. - Tunnel of love
02. Raven ft.Jocelyn Brown - So in love
03. Shabazz - Takes me higher
04. Fonzi Thornton - (Uh Oh) There goes my heart
05. Surface - Stop holding back
06. Intrigue - Fly girl
07. Glenn Jones - Love intensity
08. Rockie Robbins - I've got your number
09. Output - Move for me
10. The Sequence - I just want to know
11. Grace Rico - Tell me
12. The Givens Family - I'm still waiting (Frankie Rodriquez' Patient re-edit)
13. Atmosfear - Xtra special (Dry Mix)

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 7

01 Wish Featuring Fonda Rae - Touch Me (All Night Long)
02 Michael  Wycoff - Tell Me Love (Extended Version)
03 Freeez - Can't Keep My Love
04 Tony Ranson - Stay If You Wanna
05 The Whispers - Tonight
06 O'Jays - Love You Direct (Frankie Rodriquez)  (Instant Re-Edit)
07 Mtume - Prime Time
08 Lee Prentiss - Love This Way
09 Real Thing - Street Corner Boogie
10 Barbara Jayne - I Like The Way You Move
11 Toshiki Kadomatsu - Step Into The Light
12 Julius Brown - Sho Nuff (Sure Look Good)
13 Brandi Wells - Watch Out

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

(®©)™ Present's -Exclusive (Damn Jam's)

01-Boo..Gotti & Tq - Baby Girl (2'Close Blend)
02-3•2 Da Lef - Money (Damn Jam Remix)
03-Allure vs - Head Over Heel (Blend Remix)
04-4U - Family (Music Lovers Remix)
05-Sade - By Your Side ( Blend Remix )
06-Rahsaan Patterson - Where You Are (Ol'SKool)
07-Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Bass Blend Remix)
08-Trygg - Hold On (Damn Jam Remix)
09-Con Funk Shun - Shake It Easy At Me (Damn Jam)
10-Brandy - Top Of The World (Damn Jam Remix)

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 6

01-Bar kays-She talks to me with her body (remix)
02-Dynasty-Check it out
03-Evan rogers-Secret love (frankie rodriquez extended re-edit)
04-Love club-Hot summer nights
05-Maxine singleton-You cant run from love
06-Major harris-Gotta make up your mind
07-Kathy buck-Dont beat around the bush (frankies cutting around the bush re-edit)
08-Thunderflash-Reach your high tonight
09-Up front-Infatuation (frankie rodriquez influated re-edit)
10-Roy ayers-Fast money
11-Les femmes-Yes you thrill me
12-Pamela joy-Think fast

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 5

01-Dayton-Out tonight (frankie rodriquez nighty club mix)
02-Roy ayers-Slip n slide
03-Uk players-Loves gonna get you
04-Conway brothers-Turn it up
05-Kerr-Back at ya
06-Dante-freak in me
07-Kopper- velocity
08-Gwen guthrie-Outside in the rain
09-Mark_fisher-Love situation (frankie rodriquez loved re-edit)
10-Take three-Tonights the night (all right)
11-Brenda watts-Who needs a love like that
12-Lemelle-You got something special
13-Videeo-Closet freak

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - Dj Ac Majestic ( R&B + Groove )

Black-Music-Movement - Selected Love Song's

4U ft.funkysize - Waiting For A Girl Like You (Timeless Remix)
Alexander O'Neal & Cherelle - Saturday Love (Blend Remix)
Brian McKnight - Temptation (Damn Jam Remix)
C.C.Austin - Angel (Sin & Sexy Remix)
Chaka Khan - Aint Nobody (Damn Jam Remix)
D.Brown - Lights Out ... (Remix) ft.Various - 2'Late (R&B Remix)
G. Womack - Groove Wit You (Remix blend by.funkysize)
Ginuwine - Pony (Damn Jam Remix)
Jagged Edge - Baby (Damn Jam [Dj] Rmx)
Jay.Z - Always Be My Sunshine (Inspiered By.Esat RmX)
M People - Don't Look Any Further (Master Blend Remix)
Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Bass Blend Remix)
Maxi Priest - Close To You (Blend Remix)
Next  - Wifey (Blend Remix)
Nicole McCloud & Timmy Thomas - New York Eyes (Blend Remix)
S.F.T.P ft - My love is the Shhh (Blend Remix)
Seal - Crazy
Sydney Youngblood - If Only I Could (Damn Jam Blend)
Ultimate Kaos - Casanova  (Ahh Blend Remix)

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 4

01. Wanda - I Must Be Dreamin
02. Sweet Ecxtasy - Pull our love together
03. Evelyn Champagne King - Out Of Control
04. Nick Straker - Must You Dance (Dance Mix)
05. Mahogany ft Bernice Watkins - Ride On The Rhythm
06. Brenda Taylor -  You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
07. Lillo Thomas - I'm In Love
08. The Creations - Kinky Girl
09. Exquisite Taste - It's You That's Happening
10. Kim Covington - All Of My Love
11. Diamond Thread - Search Your Love
12. Serena - Get Your Body Up
13. Simon & McQueen - Let's Get Into It

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 3

01. Nuance Feat. Vikki Love - Love Ride
02. Barbara Roy - With All My Love
03. Twilight 22 - Mysterious
04. Rose Royce - Best Love (Promo Remix)
05. Klinte Jones - In The Heat Of The Night
06. The Concept - Mr.DJ
07. Tululah Moon - If You Want My Love
08. Fox The Fox - Flirting And Showing
09. Gayle Adams - I'm Warning You
10. Maijk - You Gotta Get Up
11. Sunfire - Shake Your Body
12. Allan Harris - You Bring Out The Best In Me

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - Dark Street Selecktion (G-Funk)

Ahmed & El van Funkysize - This Is Our Song 4 U (funkysize Remix)
Ak & Spice1 - California Dreamin (Still'G'Remix)
Alifornia & Ak - Playaz Play (Funk'n'Remix)
Capone.E - WestSite (O.G.Remix)
Delano ft.funkysize - Dim Da Lights (Ilusion Remix)
Dogg Master ft. Goldie Loc & Osyrys - Do It Live (
Dogg Master ft.Butch Cassidy - Let's Make A Trip (Remix By
Dogg Master - Good Die Young (G-Bass Blend)
Don Dolla & Mark Millionair Sedicol - Daydream ( Blend Remix )
Eastwood , Enois Scroggins , Winfree It's been a long time comin'
Forshe - Lover Come Over You (Damn Jams Remix)
Funkyjames & Espe - Chocolate City (Tribute Remix) - Movin Like A Boss
Michael Jackson vs T-Box - 'P.Y.T' (
Midnight Star vs Fingazz - Curious (
Roger & Stereo ft.funkysize - Emotions (Blend Remix)
Rufus Troutman - Drop Down ( G-Suz Remix)
Various vs - Lets Ride (G-funk Remix)
VS Prod & Ecay Uno,G.Oli ,Winfree Talkbox -  Hustlaz Only (''G'' Remix)
VS Productions - California (My ''G'' Remix)

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - Key Of Life ( Remixe )

Angel by
Cj Lewis - Cant Take It (Street Life.Damn Jam Remix)
D.Brown - Lights Out ... (Remix)
David Josias vs - Much Love (Damn Jam Remix)
Jason Derulo vs - Calling My Angel (Damn Jam Remix)
Lori El - Whatcha Want (Damn Jam Remix)
Melody vs - Can You Feel It (Damn Jam Remix)
Next - Imagine That (Damn Jams Remix)
Noel Gourdin vs - '' Beautiful '' (Damn Jam Remix)
S.o.b - Kiss (Prince Talkbox Remix)
Shola Ama - That Thing (Damn Jam Remix)
The Cool Notes vs - Together (Damn Jam Remix)
Various - Crowded Street (Down Remix)
Virtuoso & Rugged Intellect ft.Euphrates - Flow Addicts (funkysize Remix)
VS Productions - California (My ''G'' Remix)

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 2

01. Cheryl Lynn - Fidelity (Extended Remix)
02. Nona Hendryx - B-Boys (Special Extended Club)
03. Eleanor Goodman - Sneak Preview
04. Time Bandits - I'm Only Shooting Love
05. Millie Scott - Automatic (Extended Version)
06. Keith Patrick - Night To Remember (Extended Version)
07. Shirley Lites - Heat You Up, Melt You Down
08. Thelma Houston - Guess It Must Be Love (Extended)
09. The Controllers - Stay (Extended Remix)
10. Forrest - Could This Be Love
11. The Limit - Crimes Of Passion (Extended Version)
12. Fascination - Out To Get You (12 Inch Mix)

Black-Music-Movement - VA Masterpiece Vol. 1

01. Strike One - Can't Touch Me Anymore
02. Armenta - I Wanna Be With You (part one)
03. Sign Of The Times - Point Blank (12 inch mix)
04. Advance - Take Me To The Top
05. Zebrass - Feel So Good (extended version)
06. Michael Baker - Don't You Want My Lovin' (dance mix)
07. Bridge - Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back
08. Jagg - Take Time (extended mix)
09. Skool Boyz - Slip Away
10. Karavan - The Funk Is Gonna Getcha
11. Neddy Smith - Give It Up
12. O'Bryan - Tenderoni
13. Family Brown - I Am Gonna Getcha
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