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Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

DJ MANIE presents: A New Jack City Night Out (2008)

01. On The Road
Brian McKnight – Goodbye My Love, Intro – Love Thang, Joe – I’m In Love (Ghetto Lab remix), Soul For Real – Every Little Thing I Do (Linslee remix), Eric Gable – Process Of Elimination (Da Butt Whip Mix), Entouch – II Hype
02. The Warmup
Rude Boys – My Kinda Girl (Deep HipHop mix), Xscape – Love On My Mind (JD extended mix), Aaliyah – The Thing I Like, Hi Five – Mary Mary (Eric Foster mix), After 7 – No Better Love, Today – You Stood Me Up (Extended)
03. The Party
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Nobody (blue mix), Jeff Redd – Come And Get My Lovin’ (Untouchables remix), The Good Girls – Your Sweetness, Zhype – Used To Be Your Lover, II close – So What, Pretty In Pink – All About You (hiphop mix), Mc Trouble – (I Wanna) Make You Mine, Riff – White Men Can’t Jump, Colin England – I Got What You Need, Johnny Gill – The Floor, Bonus: Guy – Let’s Chill

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