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Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Black-Music-Movement - Loose Ends (Remixe's)

Gonna Make You Mine (remixed by dancin' danny d & godwin logie)
Hangin' On A String (remixed by frankie knuckles)
Choose Me (remixed by eon irving)
A Little Spice (remixed by gang starr)
Slow Down (remixed by andrew komis)
Don't Worry (new track, written & co-produced by the young disciples)
Love's Got Me (remixed by david morales)
Don't Be a Fool (original mix)
Watching You (remixed by gordon & stuart matthewman)
Tell Me What You Want (remixed by eon irving)
Ooh, You Make Me Feel (remixed by pm dawn)
Hangin' On A String (original mix)

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