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Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

(®dj.funkysize©)™ Present's - It's Ma G-F.u.n.k

A Silent-E Media  - Talkbox (Bonus Mix)
Crook - Baby Come Back
Dj-Ak ft.Knoc Turnal - Gangsta Lean
Grumpy - Let Me Ride
Hi Power Soldiers - The New Deal
Kryptonite - If They Got Love
Lil Menace - My Angel
Lil Menace - The Original
Lil Tweety - California
Lucky Luciano - Going Crazy
Malow Mac - Your My Gangster Girl
Miss Lady Pinks ft.Natalie - Last Chance
Mr.Capone-e - Let Me Love You Girl
Mr.Capone-e & Lil Menace - Who Wanna Ride
Mr.Silent - backdown
Triggerman  ft.Noble Mak & Premonition - Sex Positions
Triggerman - Something Burning Inside
West Coast TalkBox - G-Funk  (Cut's)
Westside Cartel ft.Dogg Master - Gangsta Party
Westside Cartel ft.Dogg Master - Sets In Tha Sky

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