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Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Rare Soul & Disco 17

01-al johnson - let'g go home together
02-errold ross - take it easy on yourself
03-frankie bleu - moses theme
04-doug parkinson - rainbow in your eyes
05-pete richards - baby it's you
06-char - shinin' you, shinin' day
07-reid inc - what am i gonna do
08-satyr - free and easy
09-oscar weathers - when you see what you want
10-tony green & fusion - danse avec moi
11-gordon henderson - the higher bidder
12-new york port authority - rainbow
13-round robin & brimstone - plenty good lovin'
14-hawkins walker - keep on fighting
15-joe tex - discomania
16-smoke - i can feel your love

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