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Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Rare Soul & Disco 16

01-ODIA COATES - I'll just Keep On loving You
02-THE FUTURES -  Ain't No time Fa Nothing
03-SIDE EFFECT - Keep the Same Old feeling
04-ROBERT COTTER -  Everything i'm Living For
05-JACKIE MOORE - Heart Be Still Jackie Moore
06- FAT LARRY'S BAND -  Facination
07-BILLY JONES -  I'm the one Billy Jones
08-DIANNA ROSS-  I Wouldn't Change A Thing Dianna Ross
09-SAM&DAVE - Why did you do it
10-LEROY HUSTON - All Because of You
11-STEVE PARKS -Movin' In The Right Direction
12-THE VULTURE- Labi Siffre
13-WILLIE HUTCH - Foxy Brown
14-KELLE PATTERSON - I'm  Gonna Love You Just
15-MATMTA- Wanna do my thing

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