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Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

(®dj.funkysize©)™ Out of the Soul Himself

(®dj.funkysize©)™ Out of the Soul Himself (FBP)

01 dj-funkysize - its like a rainbow  long (FBP)
02 dj-funkysize - my melody in the soul (FBP)
03 dj-funkysize - high emotion lost without you (FBP)
04 dj-funkysize-R&B Baby (FBP)
05 dj-funkysize - some rnb (FBP)
06 dj-funkysize - funkysize soul too (FBP)
07 dj-funkysize - in my head (FBP)
08 dj-funkysize - Deep in my head
09 dj-funkysize - I am ur Dj
10 dj-funkysize - dirty 2step4
11 dj-funkysize - Funkysize Body P-Rock.(FBP)
12 dj-funkysize - its My G-Funk
13 dj-funkysize ft-spezial key - SimiKolon
14 dj-funkysize- the pain in me (FBP)
15 dj-funkysize - ma piano RmX one
16 dj-funkysize -  R&B no bass
17 dj-funkysize - Get tha party on RnB
18 dj-funkysize - in my head no bassline
19 dj-funkysize - Be my Avatar (FBP)

 All the tracks produced by Myself and my Brother NJM (FBP)

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